Children enjoy the Old Treasury Building as part of the school program

PLEASE NOTE: Due to government regulations, the number of students allowed in the building has been reduced. 

The Old Treasury Building offers a unique resource for your school.

A magnificent gold rush building, it reflects the growth of ‘Marvellous Melbourne’ and changing life in the city. From the basement vaults where gold was stored in the 1860s, to the elegant Executive Council Chamber, still used regularly by the Governor of Victoria, students experience one of Australia’s most beautiful and historic buildings.

Programs include the story of gold, the growth of democracy, early Melbourne, life in the city and urban environment. Programs offered are aligned to curricula for Levels 2 to VCE.


Programs cost $8.00 per student for a one hour class with staff. Cancellation fees apply.

Programs offered are listed below.


The Old Treasury Building has developed a Social Script for assisting teachers with students on the autism spectrum.

It can be downloaded here.


Potential risk information for your visit is available here.

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