Belongings: Objects and Family Life

We live in a material world. The things we own, the clothes we wear, the houses we live in, all express who we are, or who we want to be. We live surrounded by stuff — more of it than in any previous generation.

Protest Melbourne

Ongoing exhibition. Public protest has a long history in Victoria. From as early as the 1840s Melburnians took to the streets to express their views on a wide range of issues, from the right to vote to workers’ rights.

Yarra: Stories of Melbourne's River

Ongoing exhibition. This exhibition charts some of the history of Melbourne’s Yarra River and of the people who lived along it.

Women Work for Victory in WWII

Closes 24 August 2024. Discover the roles of women on the home front during the Second World War. Women Work for Victory is an important reminder of the contribution played by women across Australian society in the cause of an Allied victory.

A Nation Divided: the Great War and Conscription

Closes 24 August 2024. Debate over conscription during the Great War is described by some historians as the most bitter, divisive and violent ever to consume the nation.

Melbourne: Foundations of a City

Ongoing exhibition. From bucolic village to bustling metropolis in forty years – this exhibition tells the story of the astonishing growth of Melbourne.

Growing up in Old Treasury

Ongoing exhibition. Experience the lives of John Maynard (the Old Treasury’s caretaker), his wife and their eight children who lived in the Old Treasury Building from 1916-1928.

The Gold Vaults

Ongoing exhibition. See the Old Treasury Building vaults which were used to store the gold bullion mined during the gold rush. Includes the restored and re-installed historic photographic panorama, one of the most fascinating and popular interpretative features on display at the Old Treasury Building.