Teachers are advised to carry out a preliminary visit in advance of their school trip in order to conduct their own risk assessment. Responsibility for pupils on school visits remains with the teachers at all times.

Everyday hazards such as slipping, tripping or falling on stairs, trapping fingers in doors and cuts and bruises are inherent in all environments. The following site specific factors should be considered in relation to the individual needs of each group member.

External Environment

  • The Old Treasury Building is located at the intersection of two busy roads.
  • OTB is part of the Treasury Reserve, and thus visitors must adhere to their rules and regulations.
  • The access for OTB is via pedestrian crossings. Please look out for cars and obey all signage.
  • The group entrance to the OTB is at the rear of the building.

Internal Environment

Old Treasury Building is a public building with a variety of entrances/exits and exhibition spaces with different lighting levels over two floors.
The internal rooms all intersect with a single corridor which runs the length of the building.
The basement gold vaults having varying levels of light and can be quite dark. They also have various sounds which may alarm some visitors.


Groups must have the correct adult-to-student ratio of 1:10 (minimum) for all schools.
Old Treasury Building reserves the right to refuse admission to groups who do not meet this ratio on the day. Special consideration will be given due to covid related illness.
Teachers and accompanying adults must maintain direct supervision of students at all times. Every adult accompanying students is required to supervise them and must have adequate authority from the school to handle groups.
Lost pupils should make their way to the Reception Desk on the ground floor where staff will assist them in locating their group.


Supervising adults should ensure that their pupils understand how they are expected to behave. If the behaviour of anyone in your group adversely affects the safety or enjoyment of other visitors or staff, or causes damage to exhibits, this person may be asked to leave.
On the tour, students remain under the direct supervision of the accompanying teacher/adult, so it is the responsibility of the teacher/adult to keep the students well behaved and in a safe situation for the entirety of the tour.
In the unlikely event that student behaviour is deemed to be unreasonable, unmanageable or unsafe, the guides will give a warning to the accompanying teacher/adult. If the behaviour persists, the Old Treasury Building reserves the right to end a tour prematurely, or ask the offending person to leave. Please have contingency measures in place in case anyone is asked to leave the building.
Prior to arrival please ensure that all students and accompanying teachers/adults have been briefed regarding appropriate museum behaviours. This includes no flash photography, no pens and no food or drinks (aside from water).

Fire and Evacuation

Supervising adults should familiarise themselves with the locations of all the fire exits. A single tone will alert staff and visitors of an evacuation. Please follow the direction of your guide on the day or one of the OTB wardens. You can identify these by their helmet. OTB staff will assist members of the public in an emergency. Lifts should not be used.
At the Assembly Point, teachers should take the register and report any missing persons to a member of OTB staff.

First Aid

OTB has members of staff trained to provide basic first aid treatment, although first aid provision is ultimately the responsibility of the teacher leading the group.
Please ask a member of staff if you require any treatment during your visit.
Please report any accidents to the Reception Desk for recording in the accident book.

Museum Staff

All guides have passed through a security vetting system and wear ID badges so they can be recognised by visitors.
Staff working directly with students are experienced teachers and have undergone both a Police Check and Working With Children Check.
Please report any incident or allegation of inappropriate behaviour to a member of staff immediately.


The inside and outside of OTB are covered by a comprehensive network of CCTV cameras. Images are monitored and recorded to help ensure the safety of visitors and the exhibits.
Please do not leave bags or other personal items unattended other than in the designated areas.
If you see anything suspicious please report it to a member of staff immediately.
Please do not touch any unattended item.


Galleries and exhibitions are on a number of different floors. Sensible footwear is recommended.


Any materials handled as part of programmed activities have been risk-assessed.
Staff leading the activities will advise those taking part of any necessary precautions and will ensure safe behaviour.


All attendees are recommended to wear a facemask.
Attendees to adhere to guide instructions about distancing and room density quotients.
Where instructed, attendees are not to touch objects or furniture.
Hand sanitizer is provided across all floors.