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Visit the Executive Council Chamber to discuss the role of the Governor, the Executive Council and the relationship of executive government to Parliament. Discuss Federation and the drafting of the Australian Constitution in the Deakin Room. Explore other exhibition spaces to examine the development of democratic processes in Victoria and the ways in which various rights were established and protected.

VCE Unit 1, 2, 3 & 4
Legal Studies

Unit 1 Guilt and Liability
Area of Study 1- Legal Foundations
Area of Study 2- The Presumption of Innocence

Unit 2: Sanctions, Remedies and Rights
Area of Study 1- Sanctions
Area of Study 3- Rights

Unit 3 Rights and Justice
Area of Study 1- The Criminal Justice System

Unit 4 The People and the Law
Area of Study 1- The Constitution
Area of Study 2- The People, the Parliament and the Courts


Book Program

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