Melbourne's laneways exhibition is a photographic exploration of the laneways and little streets of Melbourne's CBD, 'the village within the city'.

This was a photographic project undertaken by a passionate group of photographers from MAP Group. MAP is a non-profit association of around fifty photographers who share a passion and commitment to high quality, independent documentary image making. They range from emerging to well established names, many of whom are recipients of national and international awards.

The aim of this project was to record life in the laneways and little streets of Melbourne's CBD, to document the transformation from the neglected back waters to the vibrant places many of them now are. Around twenty photographers participated in the Melbourne laneways project. MAP members have been exploring the laneways and little streets on Melbourne's CBD for the past eighteen months. The images in this exhibition were selected from over 500 submissions, with each photographer bringing his or her own unique perspective to this project.

Start Date: 1 December 2011

End Date: 31 January 2012