Public Record Office Victoria image.

Travel back in time to classrooms from the late 1800s onwards in this exhibition.

‘School Days: Education in Victoria’ Exhibition features classroom stories, school photographs, old text books, and memorabilia collected by the Education Department and preserved within the vaults of the state archives of Public Record Office Victoria. Through a range of nostalgic displays brimming with extraordinary photographs - be reminded of the days when milk was delivered to every child and being caned was all part of a normal child's education.

What were 'ragged schools’ of the 1860s, and how did the state approach First Nations schooling, migrant education and playground design? See how Victorian education has changed since 1872 when Victoria became the first state to establish a public school system based on the principles of free, secular and compulsory education.

School Days made an appearance on Channel Ten's live weather cross with Mike Larkan, see the footage here, courtesy of the DPC Monitoring Unit.

Start Date: 2 March 2015

End Date: 25 October 2015