'There are plenty of wretched wretched women just like me. Open your eyes...they're all around... Go!'


Hanging by a Thread... is a 50 minute prologue performance that culminates at Old Treasury Building's current exhibition Wayward Women?

Based on historic research, the play presents a taste of 19th century Melbourne life. Its four characters highlight the restricted lives and choices of many women at that time, focusing on the circumstances surrounding those women who, for varying reasons, lived on the margins of society.


'The Wayward Women? Exhibition poses questions about the behaviour and disturbing activities of some women at the end of the 19th century', says Clare. 'By the time the audience enter the Exhibition itself, Hanging by a Thread...  will have added a depth of knowledge, a more emotional connection and a wider context of the times for them', adds Maureen.

The mobile performance will take place in 3 separate areas of the museum, on different levels of the building, so audience can explore the beautiful venue and its other extensive offerings.

Melbourne actors Maureen Hartley and Clare Larman, as Rose and Violet Productions, have, for more than 25 years, created unique, immersive, mobile and surprising theatre events from social history, always researching and exploring women's roles and circumstances at particular times, and have successfully collaborated previously with several cultural institutions.


Hanging by a Thread...
devised and performed by
Maureen Hartley and Clare Larman,
(Violet&Rose productions, Melbourne)
as a prologue to the Wayward Women?  Exhibition


Dates: Sundays March 22 and 29, and April 5
Performance times: 11am and 2pm
Venue: Old Treasury Building
Bookings & Information: ( TBC )
Media enquiries: Maureen 0488 166 477


Clare Larman & Maureen Hartley are Violet&Rose Productions. Their long-term association and performances have included the original Chocoholics’ Walks in Melbourne, St Kilda Cemetery mobile performances/tours, an ‘Arts On The Move’ Project - creating poetry, theatre and mayhem on Melbourne trams (Fringe Festival 2001); long-term on -the- move project Vice & Virtue In Little Lon, (Melbourne, Canberra, Belfast) and This Thread Is Strong  (La Mama 2015, Upper Yarra Arts Centre Warburton, 2016), later with an accompanying Exhibition Opening Maggie’s Trunk (Stonnington History Centre, 2018). Most recently A Dreadful Time for Mothers: Readings from the Diary of Edie Digby, was performed at Old Treasury Building Melbourne (2018 and 2019), at Anywhere Festival (Brisbane 2019) and at Buckleys of Dunolly  (2019).


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