Mealtimes were in the kitchen, with the family crowded around a wooden table. This was a time to share stories from the day – playing in the old gold vaults, creeping upstairs to the Governor’s office, or the early morning trips with Father to the Victoria Markets on the horse and jinker.

Home cooked food of the 1920’s was quite different to today’s meals – Stuffed Mutton, Pigeon Pie, Broiled Steak, Jugged Rabbit and Boiled Calf’s Feet. Fat and dripping were used for frying, and meat was often boiled or stewed. This was a time before the immigration of many different people from all over the world. They brought with them their recipes, ingredients and cooking methods that we take for granted today. Imagine what it was like in Australia before pizza, pasta, hamburgers and noodles!


A week of food

Leach’s menus for breakfast and supper (what we call dinner or tea) – a snapshot of what the Maynard’s had on their plates.

Grilled bacon
Baked apples
Tomato soup
Cornish Pie
Potato and beetroot salad
Fruit in jelly
Cheese and biscuits
MondayBeef rissoles
Fried potatoes
Oat cakes
Curried haddock in a Ring
Grilled steak
Chip potatoes
Macedoine of vegetables
Fruit royale
Special cake
Brain cutlets
Potted beef
Compote of oranges
Roast chicken with bread sauce
Brussels sprouts
Steamed sponge pudding
Cheese and biscuits
WednesdayFried bacon and chickens’ livers
Boiled eggs
Gooseberry jam
Mutton cutlets with tomato sauce
Fried potatoes
Apple tart with Devonshire cream
Lemon marmalade
Giblet soup
Sheep’s head jelly mould
Mixed salad
Ginger pudding
Cheese straws
FridayToasted bacon
Poached eggs
Braised veal and ham
Baked potatoes
Tomatoes stuffed with spaghetti
Cabinet pudding
Anchovy toast
A ‘Crestona’ cake
Pork sausages
Fried apples
Currant jelly
Cornmeal cakes
Mulligatawny soup
Savoury eggs
Plum pudding
Cheese and biscuits