Rare Book Week Lecture

Reminiscences of second hand bookshops in Melbourne: 1970-2015

John Arnold is an Associate Professor at Monash University lecturing in publishing and communications. He has been involved in the second-hand book trade as a dealer and collector for over forty years. In this talk he will reminiscence on bookshops past and present, including his encounters with rare books over the years.

Image at right: H Evans and Sons bookshop in Swanston St. Photograph taken by Graeme Johanson, now stored in the State Library of Victoria.

Date: Sunday 17 July at 2.30pm
Bookings essential: or (03) 9651 2233

Paintings of Early Melbourne

This display showcases rare and little known paintings of Melbourne from the 1840s to the 1870s. Drawn from the private collection of the Roy Morgan Research Centre Collection, these paintings, watercolours and lithographs show a Melbourne before high-rise buildings, a swamp city through to the wealth of the gold rush.

They provide an insider’s glimpse of the early beginnings of colonial Melbourne and offers an insight into the life of Melbournians.

Included in this exciting tour is the historic Executive Council Chamber, the office of the Governor of Victoria, since 1862.

Tour Dates: 
Thursday 9 June at 11am
Tuesday 12 July at 11am
Monday 22 August at 11am
or by appointment.

Bookings essential
Cost: $8 Adults
Bookings: 9651 2233 or

Presented as part of the Seniors Festival

JJ Clark's Architectural Brilliance

Today, the Old Treasury Building is widely regarded as the most accomplished Renaissance Revival Building in Australia. Yet the architectural elements seemingly transcend this simple classification, and can be characterised as a 'brilliant synthesis' of architectural styles and design elements. The building takes design elements from a wide range of sources, yet still manages to be entirely unique, and arguably more accomplished and more beautiful than the sum of its parts. This floor talk will examine these architectural elements, tracing the history of the early Melbourne revival styles while also highlighting the unique vision of young architect John James Clark during his tenure at the Public Works Department. This talk is presented as part of the Seniors Festival.

Date: 4 October, 2016 at 11am
Bookings essential: or (03) 9651 2233