Old Treasury Building gets global recognition by Leading Travel Agency

We definitely agree with the leading global travel agency Flight Network when they encourage all visitors to Melbourne to come see us at The Old Treasury Building. Recently Flight Network posted an article helping their costumers and travelers to get the best out of their time spent in Melbourne.


In their post “How to spend 72 unforgettable hours in Melbourne” Old Treasury Building was mentioned as a place to go visit. This is what they wrote about us:


“… head to the Old Treasury Building and soak up some more culture. The Old Treasury Building is a beautiful building, in fact one of Melbourne’s finest 19th century buildings. Here you will find an exciting museum, famous for showcasing the history of Melbourne and Victoria. This is a must visit to get to know the city of Melbourne better.”


The Treasury Building in itself is beautiful to come see, but we also host the original gold vaults where gold bullion was stored during the gold rush era. And this is just some of what you can see here as there is so much more history to discover.


So of course we agree with Flight Network that we are worth a visit while you are in Melbourne! Whether you are coming for a guided tour or want to explore for yourself you are welcome every week Sunday to Friday.